Monday, November 26, 2007

Peace, Love, and Recycling

Patchwork Purse - $15.00
Made from leftover fabric from a throw-pillow. The front is a patchwork of a fancy swan, a flower, and some solids, plus the border around the top (which is also the same as the strap on the bag). The backside is a large image of the swans around an ornate flower. The inside liner is white.

Katie of Knuckletoes from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada makes mod and funky clothing and accessories items from recycled materials, both for the style, and also as a way to help the environment. A lot of the items in this shop remind me of things that were popular during the ‘60s. Those were the good old days.

Her other shop Revynalized specializes in items made from old recycled record albums.

Plaid Floral Tote Bag - $10.00
This tote bag is made of a heavy black fabric with a pink and orange plaid floral pattern on a black background. It falls about at hip length.

Purple Skirt - $25.00
Made of a lightweight silky fabric, this skirt has an elastic waistband, and fit's approximately a 34" waist.

Stone Hemp Necklace - $15.00
Hand braided with white and brown quill beads, amber beads and this great handmade centerpiece of stone wrapped in wire. One end has a loop and the other has loose strings for tying.

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