Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Natures Mimicry

Autumn Earth Mandala Art Quilt - $80.00
Hand-dyed fabrics by the artist; measures 13 inches across

Indigoluna based in Silverton, Oregon has been a fiber artist for 15 years, having done one kind of art or another all her life, her work has appeared on the cover of the 2005 Quilting Arts Calender, in Artella Magazine, Art/Quilt Magazine, Fiberarts Design Book 6, as well as many juried shows.

You can tell by her style that she has grown up with a love of nature. As a child she walked in the woods, picked wild mushrooms, and played in the blackberry bushes, captivated with the tree-covered landscape and taking in all the beauty that was around her. She mentions in her Etsy profile studying moss. Take a look at this art quilt devoted to exactly that.

The Secret Life of Moss - Art Quilt Collage - $95.00
Photographic printed transfer on cotton fabric; 8 X 10 art quilt embellished with yarn

Many of her pieces are inspired by natural forms and even the textures look almost like they came from the bark of certain types of trees or based on the fur of animals.

Her colors incorporate a lot of greens, reds, yellow, orange, and blue used together to give a rich depth to her pieces, and they are almost all punctuated by beautiful textures, with lots of frayed natural torn-looking edges and layering of one type or another. These business card carrying cases are really clever and quite beautiful! She has several currently available, but I really love this one.

Magic Pop-Up Business Card Carrying Case - $16.00
Cards fit snugly down inside and when you pull the beaded ribbon, they pop up like magic!

She is energized by trying things that are uncharted to see if they will work. This one below is fantastic and I’m sure she had to think outside the box to complete it!

Fiber Art/Mixed-Media Vessel - $85.00
Triangular vessel was created from the artist’s hand-dyed/rusted fabrics fused to Timtex and embellished with funky fibers, copper mesh and carnelian beads. It stands 10 inches high.

For those of you with a miniscule amount of money to spend, you can still have a tiny piece of art from Indigoluna for a very reasonable price; in fact she is nearly giving away these inchie lapel pins. They are so well-made and are created from beautiful and unusual fabrics you can’t find just anywhere. Yes, they are small, but fine! At this price you can afford to get a nice gift for your boss and all the office staff.

Beach Trip Quilted Inchie Lapel Pin - $10.00
1.5 inch square quilted mixed-media pin embellished with beaded wire dangles

See her Etsy store here:

and to learn more about the artist, read her blog:


Mary (DreamsAboutArt) said...

What a beautiful array of unique items, and a nice article.

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Love Indigo Luna's work!!!