Monday, November 05, 2007

Mineral Magnetism

Gina Egolf of ModaDesigns is a self-taught beaded jewelry artist. Her specialty is making bracelets and necklaces with magnets in them to reduce pain. A number of years ago she suffered a serious injury and finds that magnets greatly reduce her pain level while at shows.

She likes to use lots of rough nuggets, and most of her jewelry is big and bold. If you look at her online Etsy store you will see that she loves Ruby! She has pieces which include Ruby in a number of forms from Ruby in Zoisite to rough or polished Ruby beads.
Thes slabs are BIG!!! The bracelet below illustrates what the size is next to some labradorite rhondelles that look to be about 8-10mm.
Facetted Ruby Slab Bead - $40.00
4.6 grams. It's dimentions are 25.7x15.5x5mm.
These Ruby rhondelles are luscious like raspberries. Gina offers quantity discounts, so if I were you I'd grab the whole strand while they last!

Genuine Ruby Beads-$5/pair!
Size: 2-3mm faceted rondelles.
In addition to Etsy, Gina sells her work through a number of other online stores at,,,,, and, and she posts links on numerous forums throughout the web.

Quartz Crystal, Sterling and Healing Magnet Bracelet - $68.50 (custom order)
Four rough chunks of Crystal Quartz, 3 Bali baubles, and two large pearlescent magnets, all connected with Sterling Silver wire.

Huge Luscious Chunks of Black Tourmaline and Sterling Bali Baubles Bracelet - $70.00 ($90.00 value)
granulated sterling silver beads from Bali interspersed with HUGE, rough chunks of Black Tourmaline crystals and bench-made sterling silver beads
These lovely black crystals have a long vertical grain to them.
Living on the border between Canada and Washington State, she has easy access to resources in both countries.

To see or purchase these and other jewelry items, go to;

and read her blog (just getting started);

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