Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Speak Geek?

Keepsake Box - $14.00
Question Mark Block;
Nintendo Super Mario Bros, made of Perler Beads

If the answer is yes, you will not want to miss this!
Lauren Yakiwchuk of Lostmitten was inspired for many of her creations by her love of video games. She also loves to knit and crochet, to create journals and other paper goods, does needlepoint, acrylic felt creations, pinback buttons, and jewelry.

She lives in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with her finance Paul (who is also really into video games).

Lauren is excited at the prospect of just about any materials that are available.

"I always wanted to learn how to knit and crochet" says Lauren. " I taught myself how to knit over five years ago, and just learned how to crochet this past year. I love to create with many different mediums, so basically I work with whatever I can get my hands on - whether it be fabric, paper, plastic, beads, buttons - I like to be creative with whatever I can find!"

Her most successful products are her video game themed items. "thankfully, there are lots of other people out there who share my geeky passions for crafting and video games!" Lauren remarks.

This piece is really unusual and the colors are very bright. It’s amazing what the artist can do with these perler beads to create precise patterns!

Question Mark Block - Nintendo Super Mario Bros Perler Bead Decoration -$12.00 3-D plastic block made of Perler beads, measures approximately 3" by 3" by 3", comes with hanging hook

Button Bracelet - $10.00
Chiyogami Yuzen and Japanese Washi Paper - Pink Crane and Sakura Blossom
patterns, 8” long, buttons each 1” in diameter

"I share meaningful experiences with customers all the time - it has been wonderful to meet so many people through my crafting. Lately, I have met a wonderful group of people who are also participating in the "90 Features in 90 Days", so it has been great!"

Lauren tends to keep her most elaborate pieces for herself, not wanting to part with her biggest masterpieces. "One of my pieces is a completely needlepoint scene from the video game, Mario 1 for the NES - and with a fully stitched background and the piece measuring slightly over 8" by 10" - it took at least 30 hours to complete."

Hooded Poncho- $60.00
Beige / Taupe Knitted V-Neck Sweater for Women - New Zealand Wool - Size Medium / Large

Sakura Blossom Ring- $5.00
Design on Japanese Washi / Chiyogami (Yuzen) paper on 1” button. Adjustable and sturdy, the ring has a nickel finish (silver-toned)

The artist is interested in learning more advanced work on the sewing machine, and would also love to get into silk creening.

For the holidays Lostmitten will have video game related crafts, knitted wear, things for the home, pinback buttons, and more.

" I'd love to keep doing this" Lauren says. "It is a second income for me, and more of a fun hobby, and I'd love to keep it like that! I love to continue to challenge myself to create new, one-of-a-kind, and creative items that no one has thought of making before.

Get something for the gamer in your life, or something a little more traditional for the Japanese art enthusiast at Lauren’s online store this holiday season:

Keep an eye out for her new website coming soon:
To learn more about the artist and her current works go to her blog:

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