Thursday, November 08, 2007

Marketing the Maternal Bond

Mother/Daughter Aprons - $43.00
Floral pattern on a blue background, Adult size fits most. Child size 3 to 6,machine washable, cool, tumble dry.

Corline of Mommyandmeboutique based in California started making her sewn items only 2 years ago in her 70s and they are in great demand. There is something about this kind of product that just seems to sell itself. Perhaps part of it is that it's functional, but the other part seems to be an insatiable desire on the part of parents to dress up their children. I can remember this phenomenon from when my son was a toddler (he is now almost 23) but I used to find it irresistable to buy him clothes, and if there had been matching outfits I probably would have bought them too.

Corline works with designer fabrics, beautiful trims, and ribbons to create aprons, dressed, and other accessories for adults and children. Aprons are her specialty. Wear these for entertaining
or for fun activities for mother and child to do together.

This little girl below is the perfect model for the array of dresses and aprons created for this business. If she doesn't make you want to buy I'd be very surprised!

The matching bib and burp cloth below is very unusual with very realistic airplanes on the material; much more interesting to look at than the typical teddy bears and bland baby related symbols you see so much of on the commercial market.

Little Pilot Bib and Burpcloth - $12.00
Vintage print; fits baby to toddler.

This little girl, this time dressed in a black and white dress, could easily be a flower girl or ring bearer for a wedding, or this could be an outfit she wears to church or to a party.

Black and White Polkadot toddler dess - $29.00
100% cotton; fits size 4 to 5 toddler.

This outfit is more casual and may be something she wears to school or around the house.

Retro Style Toddler Dress Michael Miller Fabric - $29.00
Michael Miller's 1960’s Retro print of Dick and Jane.

Aside from selling these on Etsy Corline sells her work at a boutique called Twigs.

To see more of these gift items go to;
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