Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sprinkle On A Tablespoon of Magic

Vintage Style German Hot Pink Glass Glitter
2 Oz., comes in an embellished takeout box

The owner of wanderlustNpixiedust is an ex-flight attendant who loves to collect bits and pieces of ephemera, vintage and antique. She sells these on Etsy, many as craft supplies, some of them quite unusual. Looking into her store is like looking into Grandma’s heirlooms tucked away like treasures in mysterious drawers and enchanted boxes.

Some very clever packaging, using take-out boxes for a number of her items.

Especially interesting is her collection of glass glitter, and mica flakes, which will look
beautiful, used in many types of hand-made projects.

Hot Pink and Blue German Glass Glitter
2.5 Oz. of each color (5 Oz. total)

Christmas Pure Silver and Holiday Red Glass Glitter
2.5 Oz. of each color (5 Oz. each)

Sparkly Fall Orange German Glass Glitter
2 Oz.

Cupful of Mica Flakes
1 Oz. only $3.95
Cup included
(Have a white Christmas whether it snows or not!)

These cute Mushroom Note Cards would be nice to go on presents.
Set of 4 cards

And this take-out box filled with orange and fall-colored craft supplies is a clever little pack of stuff to make things with.
4 lengths of vintage orange poly lace,
2 lengths of vintage black bias tape,
10 orange tickets to use however you choose,
2 yards of WIDE burnt orange florist ribbon,
1 new bottle of black fabric paint
a sample size of beautiful rich, orange glass glitter

To see all the other goodies she has in her shop go to:

and to learn more about the seller check out her blog:

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This challenge has been a lot of fun and very interesting! Thanks for the great post on my shop!