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Image en miroir- Set of 3 mirror Eiffel Tower Tags PARIS -$3.95
Delicate pink parchment cardstock with chocolate brown ink
And ribbons with a little mirror at the bottom with a word on each.

Katie Lyn Sherry of myheart2yours located in Kansas City, Missouri, uses paper in a variety of ways to make her statement. Her other job is working as
a professional math tutor, teaching all levels from Jr. High through college.

"Paper was easily accessible when I was a child" says Katie Lyn. "I remember saving my money or begging my mom to get a new pad of construction paper... You remember? The one with the green cover that had two or three sheets of each color. It was so hard to decide which to use first. I think I always used the ugly ones first.

She embellishes her paper items using a wide variety of decorative parts and different techniques.
"Now that I have advanced onto more spendy papers, I have learned that you can ink, sand, stain, doodle, bend, tear, soak, alter, or otherwise mutilate paper and it still looks fabulous!"

The captions in many of her handmade cards and gift tags show a whit as sharp as the paper's edge. Katie Lyn made her mother a retro card for Mother’s Day and she proudly took it to work and showed everyone. Her somewhat dark humor shows in this tag below;

Humor Me MOMMYS DIET 4x6 inches LARGE Retro Tag - $2.55
Made with Basic Grey Papers or Bazzil Textured Cardstock and finished with Prima Flowers and sequins.

"I have an ebay store that is not yet stocked with products," says Katie Lyn, "but I mainly sell through or through private consignments from personal friends or acquaintances. Person to person is very successful. My items tend to be very full of embellishment. It needs to be touched to be appreciated, no picture in the world can take the place of holding a cool art item in your hand."

12 Itsy Bitsy Etsy Thank You Mini Notes - $4.00
(Set number 2), 3 x 2.5". Each note comes
with a crisp sealable cellophane bag.

Katie Lyn has learned to be sure to charge enough for shipping to cover all the costs you might not think of are involved in mailing the item. "Most department stores or catalog ordering companies charge a minimum of $6.00 to ship even the smallest item," she points out. "There is a reason for this. Of course I don't charge that much! But packaging, pay pal fees, extra goodies, listing fees and everything else included as costs of a sold item can actually make the difference between breaking even or losing money." Her advice to other artists is that they need to "value themselves and their products! Don't be afraid to ask for what it will take to mail your items."

Techniques Katie Lyn is interested in learning are how to solder with copper and Microscope slides.

To prepare for holiday shoppers she has listed with a few Independent artists gift guides as well as promoting on her blog and on etsy.

This scrapbook below has lots of bright colors and can be used as a baby book or for a little girl to put pictures in and precious things she wants to save

Oh Baby Girl 4x4 Wire bound scrapbook— $12.00
One of a kind, thick, and with lots of ribbons, tags, pockets, and other stuff

BLOB ART Gust- $5.00
Measures 4x6, hand drawn, and One-Of-A-Kind, drawn with marker on thick art board. Signed, titled, and dated on the back.

Doodle Blob Art PSYCHOTIC 80s- $5.00
Measures 4x6, hand drawn, and One-Of-A-Kind, drawn with marker on thick art board. Signed, titled, and dated on the back

Long-term, her goal for her business will be to streamline her products listed on Etsy focusing on what has sold the most, and to continue to be unique. "I am also planning on developing a website where customers can purchase supplies, kits and finished art directly from me."

"I sold a custom scrapbook for $250.00. It was worth every penny to the buyer! She was a busy new mom and didn't have the time to do justice to her pictures that she treasured. She gave them to me all sorted by subject and I made a complete baby book for her."

Katie Lyn welcomes special orders and wants to make your dreams in paper come true!

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