Sunday, November 11, 2007

It’s Beginning to Smell A lot Like Christmas!

Zoe Stewart of Zoestewartuk lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and sews a variety of things including aprons, stuffed creatures made from Scottish Tartan with hypoallergenic stuffing, T-shirts, and occasionally vintage items.

Her specialty is these really unusual elongated hanging hearts that go on a hook for decoration and to make the room smell good. Stuffed with either Lavender or Heather, these create a nice ambiance throughout your home. It has been known for a long time that scent evokes emotion, and Lavender in particular tends to make people feel comforted.

Pink and Green Polkadotted Heart- $24.00
Measures approx 42cm in length and approx 15cm across

Pretty in Polkas- $30.00
Made of 100% cotton, for ages 4-7

This huggable creature just might make little ones no longer afraid of “monsters under the bed”. He’s friendly and doesn’t bite, and he can even be used as a pillow.

Henry- $24.00
Made from Scottish Tartan, and measures 25cm tall by 25cm wide
These will make great feel-good gifts around the holidays.

Check out what else she’s got at:

and to learn more about the artist see her blog:

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SimplySaidBySarah said...

Those are all SO cute! She has some adoreable things! Great feature!