Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nature's Medicine Chest

Magickal Prosperity and Abundance Loose Herbal Incense Blend - $4.95
Contains Cinnamon, Clove, Frankincense resin, and other herbs for balance and manifestation

It has been said that most all of today's medicines are derived from natural sources before being processed, treated, and translated into something synthetic. It never made logical sense to me that the good natural ingredients be seperated out, watered down, then put back in the form of lab created substitutes, when the "real thing" in its full strength is there for the taking and it's as accessible as your back yard.

Tracy "W", owner of SummerSea Herbs is a certified medical herbalist with 10 years’ experience, and a practicing Green Witch. She handcrafts her herbal products with the finest organically grown and ethically wild-crafted ingredients available, in a pet-free/smoke-free environment separate from her home.

The prosperity and abundance blend above is an example of some of her work. Now who couldn’t use that!

All her ingredients are organic because she believes products that are not irradiated or treated with pesticides or sprays are better for your body a well as your spirit. Taking this extra care to provide you with pristine, unadulterated products costs a little more, but Tracy believes it's worth it! As a sole proprietor, she personally makes each concoction in small batches the old fashioned way in order to maintain high quality control standards and to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Her love of nature clearly shows in her reverent preparation of natural growing things to be of benefit to her customers. She has a healthy respect for the herbs that come out of the ground, and all of her medicinal and magickal preparations were developed as a direct response to those she serves in her community. Tracy takes great pride and satisfaction in knowing that her herbal products are helping others and doing so as naturally as possible.

I have grown sage in my garden along with other herbs, and in addition to being healthy it tastes great in salads and in pasta sauces too! Native Americans have historically used this herb in rituals for ages.

Organic White Sage Leaves for Smudging - Native, Wiccan, Pagan, Witch - $2.95
One full ounce of loose white sage leaves to help keep your space clear of negativity or to set the stage for ritual work.

This next item is listed for a cause. (I know it looks like dirt, but it’s not). What better use of the money than to donate directly to two women’s medical fund so that they can continue the life-saving treatment they need.

In today’s lacking healthcare system such funding can be hard to find and when it is available it gets tied up in agencies’ red tape, is extremely limited, and many who become seriously ill are blindsided by the astronomical costs, insurance claim denials, and limits, and ultimately find themselves out of luck, but here the solution is so simple and direct! What a caring and proactive thing to do! I hope more people take Tracy's example and follow suit to do something like this for someone close to them when a catastrophic problem arises. It would be a much more compassionate world if everyone took this kind of initiative! I have always been a believer that one must put love into action rather than merely passing on distant and removed well-wishes, and feeling helpless to do anything, as so often happens when one is stricken by illness. Most every problem has a solution if each one of us determines to think outside the box and takes stewardship of a piece of it. Those who receive this blend benefit as well, so it’s a win/win for everybody involved.

Throat and Cough Soother Organic Loose Tea Blend - $14.95
contains: Licorice root, Sage, Slippery Elm bark powder, Coltsfoot leaves & flowers, Hyssop, Marshmallow root, Mullien leaves, Ginger powder and Cinnamon powder.
(Product comes with free reusable muslin tea brewing bag). Proceeds go to Breast Cancer survivors for medical costs not covered by insurance.

And this is an interesting incense blend to enhance good luck, and to fortify wishes;

Lucky Stars Organic Loose Herbal Incense Blend - $4.95
Re-usable filled tin holds 1/4 ounce; 100% organic herbs and resin, this blend contains Star Anise, Rosemary, Copal and others.

Tracy is the founder of EarthPaths Artisans Street Team (E.A.S.T.)

To partake in these unique and beneficial items for you or as a gift for friend or relative, go to her Etsy store:
Read more about her and informational material she offers in her blog:


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