Thursday, October 04, 2007

Are You Oh So Over the Rainbow Bright?
The mother of 3 young children, Hyla can appreciate the importance of clothing that is both comfortable and pleasing to the eye, and the need for interesting stuffed toys that are refreshingly different from the same-old-same-old found at all the local department stores. The artist’s Etsy online store MyFairyBabies, has a great mix of things for the mother-to-be, special gifts for children, cleverly designed inventions that make life a little easier and more fun.

Shown below is the Pacifier Buddy; an innovative combination burpcloth and pacifier-keeper that prevents a baby’s pacifier from getting lost. A ribbon loops around the pacifier and keeps it from falling on the floor. These can be customized and made in a variety of choices in textiles. At only $5.50 apiece to $9.00 for 3, you really can’t go wrong. These come in different sizes for young babies and toddlers.

Cheery colors of pink, blue, purple, and orange engage babies’ eyes and stimulate their senses; much better for healthy development than the often muted and washed out pinks and blues normally available on the commercial market.

This pink “Fairy Waldorf Doll” is one of the signature items FairyBabies is known for. Note the intricate stitching on the back of the fairy’s wings. This is just what every little girl would love for Christmas!

This month FairyBabies is offering free US shipping and 50% off International shipping. Great for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Christmas, or to welcome that new addition to the family, given by that doting relative or friend tht wishes she had 3 or 4 of her own. See her entire selection of children’swear and gift items at

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