Wednesday, October 10, 2007

East Meets West- A Melting Pot of Pop Culture

Meet Yaslani; a Mixed Media Artist from NJ whose materials of choice are paper, acrylic, gouache, colored pencil, found images & objects, vintage photographs, her own photography, and just about anything else she can get my hands on. “It's fun for me to look at an object in a hardware store or around the house and figure out how I can transform it into art” says, Yaslani, whose bamboo tile pendants read like an historical diorama. Pictures of movie stars, geishas, musical greats like Billie Holiday, Tarot Cards, even Amelia Earhart is fodder for her creative process.

Her work is a mix of American and Eastern Indian influence, with paintings of giraffes and elephants, and a consistent color palette in red, gold, sepia, black, beige, and yellowed, antiqued, bone.

Moonlight, a 4x4 mixed media canvas is made with a hand painted wooden elephant and layers of paint, paper and modeling paste. The artist sprayed it with a non-yellowing varnish so it will be beautiful for many, many years!

Citywalk shows a giraffe and a lion roaming through the streets of what appears to be an urban area after dark. The choice of colors and motif are distinctly East Indian, showing architecture in the background that has the characteristic red and gold colors and ornamentation found in that region. The stars are depicted by rhinestones, scattered in an indigo sky behind the buildings.

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