Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crafting Healthy Skin

Kelly Peterson, owner of Mineral Magic Cosmetics has been making her own cosmetics for several years and takes great pride in her makeup line. All her products come with a 100% guarantee. (She promises to send a free full-sized jar should the color you receive not turn out to be what you wanted). She tests her products on her own sensitive skin before offering them to the public, so you can be assured that they are both mild and effective.

Mineral makeup is pure, crushed Mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides from the earth, which improve your skin condition. Kelly buys these minerals in powdered form. She has formulas she uses and can customize blends, as each person has different types of skin and individual issues. Kelly asks her customers what they need and what their desires are and uses that as her guide. She always includes extra samples in the package.

These natural products also provide an SPF (sun protection factor) of up to 20, depending on how much you apply. They are an anti-inflammatory for your skin, as well. Mineral Magic brand make-up does not contain bismuth oxychloride used in typical commercial brands, which is kin to arsenic, a common cause of skin discomfort and severe skin reactions. Since these minerals are 100% pure, bacteria cannot live in this material, and there is no need for
an expiration date. There is also virtually no allergy risk. It won't clog your pores and is used as a mineral supplement for your skin.

Mineral Magic Hand And Body Lotion
Comes in your choice of: Cucumber Melon, Oatmael Milk & Honey, Indonesian Teak, or Buttered Cake

Super-Sized Vegan Mineral Gift Set
(1) 30 gram jar in your choice of foundation
(1) 10 gram jar with blush colors
(2) 10 gram jars with eye colors
(1) 5 gram concealer
(1) 6 Piece mini makeup brush set PLUS carrying case
Kelly reports that her best-selling items are her Vegan Mineral Makeup Kits.
Mineral Magic Gift Set- Safe for Sensitive Skin
(1) 30 gram jar in your choice of foundation
(1) 10 gram jar with blush colors
(2) 10 gram jars with eye colors
(1) 5 gram concealer
(1) 6 Piece mini makeup brush set PLUS carrying case

She has recently added products to her Etsy online store made by her 9 year old son, Timmy who is autistic, but high-functioning, and is educating him on operations and money management through helping with her business. He has made smelly jellies, aroma ice beads and more. You can see and purchase his products in the Made By Timmy/Awareness Section of her store. I love to see creative work options like this for people with disabilities and encourage you all to buy whenever possible. He's worked very hard on his products, so show him some love while you take good care of your complexion!

Smelly Jelly- Made By Timmy

Comes with choice of fragrances; Amber Romance, Apple Cinnamon, Christmas Splendor, Cucumber Melon, Eucalyptus, Desert Sage, Seaside Holiday, Peach, Lavender Bouquet, Daydream, Jasmine, China Musk, or Romance

Kelly also sells her line of cosmetics at craft fairs, two other web sites, and flea markets.

She went to Rutgers University for purchasing and finance, Manatee College for radiography, and is also a licensed cosmetologist. She is married, and lives in Pennsylvania.

This industrious entrepreneur has a pending trademark, and is currently applying for a patent on a skincare product she’s developed.

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