Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Tale of Beaded Tapestries

The artist behind A Rose By Name has been creating beadwork for 10 years and started experimenting with beads with her children, creating beaded animals. Over time she progressed to more and more refined designs of greater complexity.

Her tapestry-like style uses mostly flat Peyote and some Circular Peyote Stitch and she graphs intricate designs in tiny Delica seedbeads. Among the items she has made are votive candle covers, lip balm-case-covers, business card cases, and a variety of jewelry.

This Watermelon Plaid Cuff bracelet is so neat and precise, and the button used as a closure really tops it off and gives it an elegant look. These colors are beautiful and perfect for Christmas. They remind me a lot of that ribbon candy I used to eat as a child. The width of this cuff makes it all the more impressive!

Then there is this Rolling Waves Cuff that is equally beautiful but made of circular cylinders or beaded mesh attached at either end with a thin strip of bead-weaving that holds all parts together. The colors graduate from blue to green, and the button is a lovely translucent pink which creates a nice contrast against the blue and green. I just had to show two views of this one so readers could get the full impact of it, as it looks very different when open from closed.

Another ocean-inspired piece is Linked By The Sea. This necklace is actually a chain made of flat Peyote Stitch in short segments linked together to look like rolo chain. It is a shimmering blue-green with a sort of iridescent surface.

This artist belongs to Etsy Beadweaver, The Cleveland Rocks Etsy and BBEST-Boomers & Beyond Street Teams. For something truly lovely and high quality, go to her Etsy online store at: http://arosebyname.etsy.com

and to learn more about the artist go to:


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your posts are really terrific! I love that first item you chose. Great job Pippit! :o)

Anna said...

Thanks Pippit! It's wonderful!

Cryztalvisions said...

I love learning about other people and their art. You have a wonderfully warm writing style, I feel like I learned a little something special about each artist you've featured so far.

Excellent feature!