Thursday, October 11, 2007

That’s One-Of-A-Kind- That’s Headley!

A look around Ginny Headley-Maserang’s Etsy store will tell you that each piece she makes is a new beginning. Although the San Antonio, Texas native does have a discernable Southwestern flavor to her designs it is not the clichéd Southwestern style jewelry you see so much of around the web and in stores. Rather than the predominant traditional Turquoise and Coral often used in this style of jewelry, Ginny uses a lot of green, pale blue, and earth toned natural stones, particularly Serpentine, Amazonite, and Aventurine. Some of her pieces also use metal buttons as toggles, and a variety of glass beads, and in addition to the gemstone beads she also likes big, funky beads from Africa.

Most notable are her wire-woven pieces using sterling silver wire to create a bail as in this piece, Nereid Sacred Heart Necklace, which uses Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Aventurine, Seaweed Quartz, and Glass in its multiple strands and sterling silver cones and toggle.
Another very lovely necklace is a cross with interwoven garnet chips and Hill Tribes silver (which is at least 97% pure).

Ginny’s jewelry business is stress relief from her “day job” as a public health consultant in infectious disease and emergency preparedness. If you love to shop online for refreshing new and original jewelry, skip the stress of the mall this holiday season and go to and don’t forget to see her blog at


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