Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Painting the Human Condition

Paulette Insall didn’t begin painting until just a year ago, but she envisioned herself doing so for many years before she could muster the courage to try it. When she did, what came out yielded rich, colorful, and soulful pieces of art that are reminiscent of Picasso.

Most of her mixed-media paintings are of individual stylized women, rendered through a range of methods including acrylics, watercolor, pencil, stamping, and collage.

Although each is different they all have an underlying wistfulness, sadness, or sense of loss about them. Paulette wants other women going through difficulties in their lives to know they are not alone. Her art acts as a therapeutic timeline and is a vehicle for her to connect with others.

One of her paintings Time Flies… Hold On has the caption “Her heart ached for it so”. Behind a young girl is a stained glass window, and in her hand, a pocket watch. What is particularly interesting about this painting is that the hand is not attached to an arm but instead seems to be disembodied. This could symbolize a feeling of not having control and a longing for something that never seems to come. The other highly significant items in the painting are two wings attached to her shoulders, but disproportionately small in comparison to the girl. She looks angelic but at the same time unable to use these wings to take her where she wants to go. It’s as if she’s a fledgling bird not quite able to fly yet, but developing in that direction.

The painting Listen is about listening to your heart and to God, and believing in yourself despite naysayers who would discount your dreams. The artist describes how people in her life have been questioning the path she’s chosen and opening the door to self-doubt.

Follow shows a girl with long flowing hair, dots in a wavy line going through her head, and a butterfly which seems to symbolize freedom to follow her dreams. All of these parts are flowing in the same direction and the girl’s eyes seem to be following them, but she looks as of she might cry. To the left are three windows which appear to be distractions away from her art.

Waking Dream is about resolution of past pain and self-discovery. You can see that this particular face isn't as sad as the others and the mood seems much lighter. Even the girl's hair seems to be springy as though she has gotten some life back into her, awakening to contentment and peace. Butterflies are fluttering around her in an almost nurturing way.

Most of her prints sell for $17.00-$20.00,
very reasonably-priced for such beautiful work!

The artist also has videos of her in the process of painting on YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/pinsall

To see more of her current work she has available, go to her Etsy store:

and to learn more about the artist read her blogs:


Dina Cuomo said...

This is a wonderful feature. Paulette's paintings truly grab the heart.

creativesundries said...

What a great feature, Pippit.
Beautifully written!