Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Natural Beauty

BJ Rounds of Adornmemtsbybj started out working in Stained Glass but began making jewelry about a year and a half ago when she moved to Franklin Tennessee. She has a very unusual style, combining such materials as stones with wood, and shells with vintage jewelry components, pearls with large facetted crystal.

Most of her pieces are made in sets of necklace and earrings together, but some include matching bracelets. She offers to make matching bracelets for those sets that do not already include them if a customer requests.

Larimar Reflection of the Caribbean combines large tumbled chunks of Larimar with Vintage oxidized brass, creating a lovely elegant filigreed look. This piece is quite substantial, and with the market value if Larimar having gone way up in recent years you should buy this right away! The price at $160 is quite good for what you’re getting. Larimar is a collectible stone because it is found in only one place in the world, unlike most other stones. Beads like the ones pictured here are getting increasingly rare because so much material is lost in the cutting process for beads that those who work with the rough stone would rather turn it into cabochons to set in bezels. I bought a cab at a supply show recently that is probably about the same weight as just one of those beads and it cost me $68.00 wholesale!
In this next one, Chinese Knot Poppy Jasper BJ has used silk “Mousetail Cord” to create a Chinese knotted necklace. There is a very nice Poppy Jasper bead used as the focal.

Nature’s Best is made of carved bone pipes, Golden Jasper, and Tibetan Turquoise beads, and is triple-strand. It has a distinctly Native American feel to it. The necklace has all sterling silver findings.

A Rose is A Rose (pictured at top) is beautifully wrapped with sterling silver wire and uses tumbled nuggets of Rose Quartz, iridescent glass accent beads, and sterling silver lacy bead caps and clasp. She has really hit the nail on the head with this one!

BJ’s belief is that jewelry is chosen subconsciously and reflects one’s personality or even one’s soul.
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