Thursday, October 18, 2007

Long Ago
These remind me of cracked earth, and unlike most of Anne's other beads have a matte surface. I love the combination of brown and yellow with a touch of pink.
Beads of Wonder from Down Under
Anne Dundas is from Sydney, Australia and has been making jewelry since 2004. She started as a way to fill her time while caring for her mother with MS and then developed an interest in lampwork bead-making. She loves working with glass and playing with the colors, watching it melt before her very eyes, then shaping it into solid objects of beauty, and value to others.

Anne also designs business cards for other artist, something she started when somebody asked her opinion on their design. She played around with the graphics and found that she had talent in that area as well as in bead and jewelry design.
See her graphics at:

The bracelet pictured at top, Royal Desire won first place in the metalwork category of the Arts Competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It is an unusual mix of chainmaille and Austrian crystal bicone beads. This particular weave looks almost like knitting.

Tien Hou-Queen of Heaven is a set of 8 lampwork beads with swirls of salmon pink, white, black, blue and gray. Along with it are some facetted pink transparent beads as accents. These are among my favorites of all her current collection.

Next are the pink and green equivalent; Inanna…Sumarian Queen of Heaven. Like Tien Hou, these beauties have central vortexes that spins out to spread pinwheels of color (in this case pink and green) widening out as the reach the outer edges, someone flat on two sides but edged with tiny dots of glass making them resemble a sea cucumber. They are somewhere between round, oval, and rectangular. These also have pink accent beads that come with the set, but they have 10 of her lampwork beads.

Better snap up these gorgeous things fast...before I do! I'm surprised they've been sitting there as long as they have. With any luck I will make some sales of my own so that I can buy some of my favorites before they're all gone.

If you would like quality and unusual glass beads and/or jewelry you should really keep an eye on her whole collection at
To learn more about what’s new with the artist be sure to read her blog and sign up for her newsletter at

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