Friday, October 12, 2007

Time To Check The Maille

Abbi Caricco of Lunachick Designs specializes in chainmaille and sterling silver wirework designs with gemstone accents. She puts the power of intention into each piece she makes to enhance the mood of the wearer, and seeks out the most unusual gemstones she can find.

These features combined make for many aesthetically pleasing designs. I have always loved Chainmaille; it’s amazing how wire jump rings can create such a strong yet flexible mesh when linked and intertwined, perfectly structurally sound, like the architecture of a bridge when you look up from underneath. The numerous patterns, using both positive and negative space to accentuate their juxtaposition keeps her work fresh and intriguing, and her choice of stones really compliments the metalwork.

The weaves the artist uses range from Byzantine,

to European 4-in-1, (as shown in the first picture at top),

to Japanese Honeycomb (love this one),

to Full Persian (another one of my favorite weaves).

These Athena Earrings have a large round bloodstone bead dangling from the bottom of a strip of Full Persian weave.

Abbi uses a wide range of materials for jump rings including rubber, titanium, stainless steel, Aluminum, and Sterling Silver.

Her style is a cross between, Pagan, New Age, Goth, and Industrial, and the results; absolutely mesmerizing!

To see more of the artist’s work and treat yourself or a loved-one to something really special he or she will treasure for years to come, go to: and her supply shop, . Also, check out her blog at:

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creativesundries said...

Pippit, great feature! :-)

Abbi, you must be very patient to do such intricate work! I suppose it must be very Zen and "in the moment," which is awesome.