Saturday, October 27, 2007

Divinely Guided

Shown above are a Rainbow Obsidian, and a watermelon Tourmaline cabochon wire-wrapped in sterling silver and gold-filled wire.

Beth Alexander of Cryztalvisions specializes in unique and hard to find gemstones and crystals. She works with sterling and fine silver and 14/20 Gold-filled wire for the rich look you
get from solid gold, but at an affordable price.

Fire Agate

Azurite and Malachite

Growing up, she was strongly influenced by a whole extended family of artists, and by teachers who encouraged and nurtured her natural talent in the arts, and taught her about geology, gemstones, and crystals.

Landscape Agate

Her father was an accomplished artist and craftsman who taught art in the public school system for many years.

Boulder Opal, and Carnelian

She is excited to learn new jewelry-making techniques all the time, and more recently has been learning about as well as implementing various healing energy arts such as Reiki, chakra balancing, Earth-based energy medicine, shamanic practices, and Angel Therapy.

Amethyst Druzy

Finding that she is spiritually perceptive, she melds this element of herself with her passion for gemstones, experience, and skill in crafting the items of jewelry that will be special conduits for good.

Chiastolite- Notice the naturally-existing cross in the center of the stone!

Beth loves nothing more than to be exhilarated by the creative process and is awed by how pieces seem to design themselves. She reports that each piece has its own unique energy that she can feel while she is creating it. (It is uncanny as I read about her kinship with and her way of understanding the essence of these pieces, just how similar my thinking is to hers! Very rarely have I run across anyone whose process I resonated with to such a degree. It feels as though I am looking into a mirror, but the mirror is looking back and seeing too! The Divine message ultimately is interconnectedness, which is the source core message of all that is channeled through me as well). On her other website she talks about Talismans and Amulets and the cultural transmission of the belief through the ages that such objects hold powers that cannot be fully explained (nor explained away), nor understood by the usual earthly means.

It is very possible that man’s fascination with adornment is not merely a form of anthropomorphism, a type of projection of our own inner psychological processes onto inanimate objects, as critics suggest, but instead, a real glimpse into another level of communication with energies we have yet to fully comprehend. Can I prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt? No, but it bears some looking into, having survived the test of time persisting on in an age of advanced science and technology.

As I was looking at Beth’s other website I saw a lot more wire-wrapped pieces than I noticed on Etsy. That seems to be her specialty, and she really has some impressive ones, some that have already sold (all the more reason for you to place a custom order), and others still available. Many have handmade bails bursting with curls of square wire that look like the curled ribbons on a wrapped present. The precision of the wire-wrapping on some of these is near perfect.

Rainbow Moonstone

This Swirling Ocean Jasper Pendant is on Etsy and it’s beautiful! Ocean Jasper has always been one of my favorite of all the opaque stones. I love the freeform diamond shape of this cab!

This piece, a flat circular donut-shaped textured piece made of pmc is called, Circle of Life. It has lines that have been filled with patina, creating nice definition in the pattern.

Shown below is a lovely piece using pmc and Labradorite squares (another of my favorite stones).

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